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Deliver sound so good, you can feel it. Bring it on with Wheatstone's ultra high resolution Vorsis processors for voice, AM, FM on-air or streaming. Sound that's loud, yet detailed. Only Wheatstone offers processors with the surgical precision of 31-band processing for audio detail that sings! It’s the Vorsis advantage and it's all inside: brilliant highs, articulate vocals, bold bass…ambience. If you need sound shaping for FM, AM, HD, television, webcasting, podcasting, mastering or live audio, this is the place.

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VP-8 IP the broadcast industry’s first multi-mode broadcast audio processor, is equipped with six built-in independent processing functions. Selecting a new processing mode is as simple as selecting it from the front panel or from within the Windows®-based GUI. Mode changes occur in less than 2 seconds, with no reboot or 'memory bank selection' being required  to change the VP-8 IP to a completely different processing mode.

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The AM10-HD offers a five band AGC followed by a specialized ten band limiter and high performance asymmetrical modulation peak controller algorithm that has been specially designed for the requirements of competitive AM broadcasting

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The Vorsis M-1 is a flexible and easy to use digital Microphone processor.  It offers unlimited pre-sets, security, networkability, and easy to set up parameters

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The Vorsis M-2 is a dual-channel DSP-based voice processor designed for professional audio and broadcast applications.

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The NEW AirAura X3 spectral audio processor for FM is equipped with processing technologies that simply didn’t exist until now, starting with a new final clipper that creates extremely competitive loudness while also minimizing listener fatigue. Another new technology unique to our NEW third-generation AirAura helps extend perceived stereo coverage, and yet another technology helps hide the annoying coding artifacts that might be present in a station’s stereo source material

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The FM-4 is for applications where the versatility of the VP-8 isn't needed. With a reference grade stereo generator, analog, digital, and SCA inputs. Front panel setup, easy to use tuning software.

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Our NEW FM-531HD on-air FM processor has everything our flagship AirAura processor has for squeaky-clean audio and bass that rocks, but in a 1RU package and at a very budget-friendly price.

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Rack up eight audio processors in one networkable unit. Convenient, cost-effective, and more than able enough, the Aura8-IP audio processing BLADE has I/O onboard and eight fully independent Vorsis multiband stereo audio processors. The 1RU BLADE offers processing control and network connectivity through the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network and full AGC, compression and limiting functions for HD, streaming or podcasting separate channels of programming in one unit.

Airaura X-3





Aura 8-IP

M-1 Mic Processor

M-2 Dual Mic Processor


Four announcers, one rack unit and four mic processors that are accessible from anywhere in your WheatNet-IP network, the M4-IP is a four-channel DSP-based voice processor with four completely independent channels of high quality voice processing...

M-4 Quad Mic Processing Blade

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